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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Go On, Jump

Don’t you just hate it when people do this…

A: Hey I really really need your help. Could you help me with this?

B: (thinks to herself):

Oh dear how do I help her with this?
I'm already struggling to finish my work
And I have already agreed to help X with that.
But this is not the first time she's asked me for help
And I've turned her down.
She must think I'm very unhelpful.
If only she had asked me a little earlier.
Wait, let me think - there must some way I can help her...

B frowns and turns away.

A (thinks to herself):

She is unwilling to help.
I’ve seen her help others. Why not me?
It must mean she doesn’t like me.
This means she only helps those she likes – she’s not a nice person after all!

A: Never mind forget it. (walks away) Bitch…

Sometimes it doesn’t end there…

B: Oh hey remember that favour you asked me for? Yeah, I can do it…

A (thinks to herself):

She’s not a nice person – she only helps those she likes.
Why is she offering to help now?
Oh I know – she must want something from me.
This means she only helps those she likes or those who can help her – she’s REALLY a bitch.
If she’s a bitch, I don’t have to feel bad about taking advantage of her.

A: Wah, you’re so nice. Why don’t you help me with this other thing as well? You’re so good at these things.

Now, who’s the bitch?

Moral of the story: Look, before you leap… to a bad conclusion.


Blogger k said...

it's easy if they have something you can write about for them in the recommendation letter. some just have none, and they expect you to do magic, just because.

2:48 PM

Blogger blobbes said...

People are entitled to how they feel. What irks me is when they go beyond that to reach their own baseless conclusions.

3:48 PM


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