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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Invasion of the Body Snatcher(s)

I am not myself...

Brain taken over by
Flights of fantasy,
Flickering images looped
Like a movie on endless playback.

Momentary respite:
Ho Chi Minh,
City of a million motorbikes –
Peace ironically.
Days filled with
Never-ending hustle and bustle
Lungs saturated with
Overwhelming exhaust fumes
Ears inundated by
Incessant noise
Eyes swamped by
Perpetual movement of
A burgeoning cityscape,
Not a moment
or a braincell to spare
At least till night fell.

Back home once again
Helpless against
The memories
Enthralled by
Illicit moments
Surreptitiously yet
Shamelessly stolen.

Once again
Exhausted by
Sweet intoxication.



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