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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Conundrum, Conundrums

How does one explain to the naïve that
All that glitters is not gold
That fair can be foul, and foul fair
And not every guy on a white horse
Wears a white suit?

How does one explain to the paranoid that
A gift by definition, is just that, a gift
No strings attached
That love, whatever the impetus, is still love
And that there are some people one can trust
No matter what?

How does one explain to the cynical that
Giving is better than receiving
That choosing to be used is the best way to
Avoid being used
And not being loved is no reason
Not to love?

How does one explain that
There are worse things in life to owe than money
That people are more than the sum of their functions
And denying a relationship exists does not in fact
Obliterate it?

If you know how, tell me.


Blogger delugestars said...

By doing what is the right thing.

By commiting something wrong or even thinking about it already cause problems.

Alas, humans choose the wrong and 'nicer'side.

Nothing good comes out from bad.

Loves and truthfully,

Lay Yan

10:22 PM

Blogger blobbes said...

So you're saying one should always do the right thing, no matter what others say or think?

11:50 PM

Blogger delugestars said...

Well, there is actuallt this 'right and wrong' thing in us. It all boils down to whether we follow that line. Ain't it?

Right - does not necessary means what we think is right, it can be morally acceptable.(We are not always right)

Uhm.... as cliche as it sounds ,' there's nothing to fear when nothing wrong is done.'

10:18 PM


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