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Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Today, instead of working
I thought instead.

Instead of work
I thought of
All the meals I have yet to wrap my tastebuds around
The tastes
The textures
The smells.

Today, instead of dreaming
I thought instead.

Instead of dreams
I thought of
All the images I have yet to capture
The colours
The angles
The composition.

Today, instead of wanting
I thought instead.

Instead of wants
I thought of
All the books I have yet to read
All the movies I have yet to watch
All the songs I have yet to sing
All the stories I have yet to hear, and tell
All the conversations I have yet to have
All the coffee I have yet to savour
All the walks I have yet to take
All the landscapes I have yet to lay my eyes on
All the art I have yet to appreciate
All the hugs I have yet to give
All the smiles I have yet to share
All the people I have yet to love
All the breaths I have yet to take
All the things I have yet to be thankful for

Today, instead of now
I thought of
All the life I have yet to live.

I am smiling, now.


Blogger Clairin T said...

Always, we have a moment of wanting and not doing. A moment of vulnerability, trying to fufil everything we yet to accomplish. So little time, so many things.

10:54 AM

Blogger blobbes said...

The point is not to have a checklist of things you have yet to accomplish, but to enjoy what you have the opportunity to do. There's never enough time :)

1:43 AM


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