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Friday, January 20, 2006


In the end
Our trains arrived at the same time
And left almost simultaneously.
How serendipitous
For me –
No looking back longingly
At your receding figure on the platform
No peering pensively at your train
Fast fading into the darkness.
We may yet chance upon each other again
Another day, another platform
Our paths may cross once more
Another lifetime
It matters not
Our time has past.
In the end
Your train was bound for a new destination.
Mine, headed for home


Blogger k said...

hey hey, what's going on? update soon at groupies meeting :)

12:59 AM

Blogger blobbes said...

oh nothing and no one consequential. just doing some minor grieving for something we all know was not possible anyway :)

4:08 AM

Blogger ting said...

happy CNY. take care.

8:31 PM


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