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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Mental Gymnastics for Intellectual Sluts

Years ago I read a short story – I believe it was by Woody Allen – that described an escort service with a twist. The business provided for hire, not nubile young females for mindless sex, but women with post-graduate degrees from Vassar and Radcliffe for cerebrally stimulating conversations. What a mind-blowing idea! It sure gives new meaning to that old chestnut of a phrase, “My wife doesn’t understand me”, eh? Today, I imagine such intellectual infidelities are facilitated, like pornography, wife-swapping and casual sex, by the proliferation of the Internet and its multiple communication channels, and why not? Why should the Internet privilege one set of proclivities over another? :)

Take any one idea,
Mere fodder for
The intellectual mill.
Twist and turn,
Watch it squirm.
Tease it out ad infinitum.
Pinion down for the kill,
Nail it at the climax.

CUT TO: Scene with post-discourse cigarette.


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