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Sunday, October 09, 2005


For those who have been contemplating the state of their hearts :)

Most people tread lightly
On the sands of our hearts,
Passing without a trace
To who knows where.
Then there are those who
Leave footsteps,
That linger
For years sometimes.
Do they weigh more
In our estimation?


Blogger k said...

if the hurt and confusion from it all is measurable by the weight of their footsteps, my, i'm having one heavy load here.

12:31 PM

Blogger blobbes said...

ah but perhaps we are the ones who value them too much. in any case, the burden is made lighter by those around us who help us bear the burden :)

12:35 PM

Blogger delugestars said...

k .... you don't measure footsteps using heavy...

2:26 PM

Blogger Clairin T said...

imprinted in, how are we to move on?

3:30 PM

Blogger blobbes said...

hmm, how to move on... I am perhaps the worst person to ask that question of *laughs at self* Sometimes it's best to just go build some sand castles in the meantime and wait for wind or wave to do the necessary.

5:51 PM


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